Some New Song Lyrics (That’s the Way of the World)

Lost your job? Furloughed? “Contract up?” Fired? Bring your own Goodbye to You cake to work and sing yourself a song.

That’s the Way of the World (2020 version)

That’s the way of the world
Sign a contract and give it a whirl
Child is born with a heart of stone
That’s your manager, your career is blown

You are fired, contract expired
Not admired, in this world (you don’t belong)
Situation’s dire, watching you perspire
Office Rottweiler
Will escort you, to your car.

You are fired, no longer hired
If you look way down, across the hall
You’ll find Grace, she’ll take your place
Now pack your stuff
We’ve had enough
Cause you’re never, never, never
Coming back, yeah yeah yeah

We come together on this special day
Send our message loud and clear
Looking back you’ve had some nightmare days
It’s time for you to disappear

You are fired, now unhired
Not retired
From this world (you don’t belong)
Darling don’t cha hear me now don’t cha hear me now don’t cha hear me now yeah yeah yeah….

Just repeat until the tears subside and you arrive at the ice cream phase. You know who loves you? Your dog. Don’t have a dog? Well. I write resumes.